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Scholars and intellectuals of the Islamic world have written numerous books about Imam Mahdi (a.s.) and it is worth pointing out that a majority of them are from Ahle Sunnat community. Moreover, the Shia scholars have also written many books about Imam Mahdi (a.s.).1 Below we mention some of these books.

1. Al-Bayan Fi Akhbar Sahib az-Zaman, written by Abu Abdillah Muhammad bin Yusuf Ganji Shafei. Recently, the great researcher Sayyid Mahdi Khorasani has written a very nice foreword to this book.

2. Iqdud Durar Fi Akhbar al-Montazar wa Huwal Mahdi (a.s.), written by Allamah Yusuf bin Yahya bin Ali bin Abdul Aziz Muqaddasi Shafei Salmi and Shaykh Muheeb bin Salih Burini has researched it fully. It is published by Maktab al-Manar, Jordan.

3. Al-Burhan Fi Alamaat Mahdi Aakhir az-Zamaan, written by Shaykh Ali bin Husam, popularly known as Muttaqi Hindi. It is a two-volume book. Jasim bin Muhammad Ilyasin has researched it and it is printed by Zatul Salasil Co., Jordan. It is one of our sources for this book.

4. Al-Mahdi al-Maood al-Montazar Inda Ahlas Sunnah wal Imamiyah, written by the great scholar, Shaykh Najmuddin Jafar bin Muhammad Askari in two volumes. It is published from Dar az-Zahra, Lebanon.

5. Ash-Shia war Raja, written by the scholar and researcher, Shaykh Muhammad Reza Tabasi Najafi, which has recently been published mentioning the original sources.

6. Al-Fitan, written by Naeem bin Hammad Maroozi (died 228 A.H.). Copies of this manuscript are available in Riyadh, Medina, Mecca from Turkey, London, India and Iraq.2

7. Al-Malahim, written by Abul Hasan bin Manadi Ahmad bin Jafar (died 336 A.H.).3

8. Al-Mahdi or Akhbar al-Mahdi, written by Abu Naeem Isfahani (died 430 A.H.) is present in manuscript form.

9. Al-Sunan Warida Fil Fitan, written by Abu Amr Uthman bin Saeed Dani Maqri, (died 444 A.H.) is present in manuscript form.

10. Al-Baath wan Nushoor, written by Baihaqi (died 458 A.H.) is available in manuscript form.

11. Irtiqa al-Farq, written by Sakhawi, (died 903 A.H.). It is mentioned in his book, Maqasid.

12. Al-Arful Wardi fi Akhbar al-Mahdi, written by Suyuti (died 911 A.H.). It is published alongside his other book, Al-Hawi fil Fatawi.

13. Al-Qaul al-Mukhtasar Fi Alamat al-Mahdi al-Montazar, written by Ibn Hajar Haithami Shafei, (died 974 A.H.) is also available in manuscript form.

14. Al-Mashrab al-Wardi fi Mazhab al-Mahdi, written by Mulla Ali Qari, (died 1033 A.H.) and Baranji has mentioned about it in his book, Ashraat as-Saa-a.

15. Fawaid Fawaid al-Fikr fil Mahdi al-Montazar, written by Mari bin Yusuf Karami Hanbali, (died 1033 A.H.) is available in manuscript form. A copy of the same is available in Paris, France.

16. Al-Ishaa-a li Ashrat as-Saa-a, written by Baranji (died 1103 A.H.) is available in printed form.

17. Al-Ahadith al-Qaziya Bi Khurooj al-Mahdi, written by Muhammad bin Ismail Sanai and it is mentioned in the book, Al-Izaa-a.

18. Al-Bahoor as-Zakhira fi Uloom al-Aakhira, written by Muhammad bin Haaj Ahmad Safarini Hanbali, (died 1088 A.H.).

19. At-Tauzeeh Feema Tawatur fil Muntazar wal Dajjal wal Masih, written by Shaukani (died 1250 A.H.). And Shaukani has mentioned it in his Tafsir Fathul Qadeer (Vol. I).

20. Talkhis al-Bayan fi Alamaat Mahdi Aakhir az-Zaman, written by Shaykh Akhsarai is available in manuscript form. It is present in the Arif al-Hikmah Library of Medina under the listing no. 26/240/7/Q.


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The Holy Prophet (S) said,

"Al Mahdi is from my progeny. His name is the same as my name. And his kunniyat is the same as my kunniyat. In his physique and character he looks exactly like me. He will be in a state of occultation and there will be confusion (Hayra) in which people will wander about (deviate). Then he will come forth like a sharpy shooting star to fill the earth will justice and equity as it was filled before with injustice and inequity." 1

Imam Muhammad Al Baqir (as) said,

"Certainly in the Qaem of the Progeny of Muhammad (S.A. W.S.) is the similarity to five prophets, Yunus bin Mutah, and Yusuf bin Yaqoob, and Musa, and Isa and Muhammad, salawatullahe Alaihim"

Thus, his similarity to Yunus bin Mutha is his reappearance after Ghaibat. He looked like a young man inspite of his advanced age. And, his similarity with Yusuf bin Yaqoob (as) is his ghaibat when he was away from the sight of the general, as well as the special people; due to the fear of his brothers.

His affair was hidden from his father. And in such a condition when there was no distance between his father and family and his friends. And his similarity with Musa (as) is persistent fear, and his prolonged ghaibat and a secret birth, and the feverent pleas of his shias after him, and his return by the permission of Allah, and his assistance by the people in subduing of the enemy.

And his similarity to Isa (as) is the controversy among the people with regard to him. A group of them says; 'He is not yet bom.' Another group says, "He is dead” and some say: "He was killed and crucified,"

And his similarity with his own grandfather, Mustafa (S), is his advent with the sword. He shall slay the enemies of Allah and the Holy Prophet (S), and the unjust, and the tyrants."2

Imam as-Sajyad (as) said,

"In the Qaem is a similarity to Nuh (as) and that is his long life."3

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Now that we have come to the prophecies about the advent of Imam Mahdi (a.j.) and Prophet Jesus, son 'of Mary (a.s.), it is advisable to describe these subjects in some detail, because Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani claimed not only to be a prophet but also to be Imam Mahdi (a.j.) and Jesus - thus giving the world another example of 3-in-1 identities.

In numerous traditions, appearance of Imam Mahdi, then of Dajjal, then of Prophet Jesus have been mentioned as the confirmed signs immediately before the Qiyamah (Resurrection Day).

As the Qadianis are very fond of quoting (out of context, of course) from writings of the Sufis especially from Al-Yawaqeet wal-Jawahir of Sheikh Abdul Wahhab Sha'arani and Al-Futulatul Makkiyyah of Sheikh Muhyiddin Al-Andalusi, I would prefer to quote from these two books only on this subject, to show what these two Sufis believed Sheikh Abdul Wahhab Sha'arani writes in Al-Yawaqeet wal-Jawahir:

Chapter sixtyfifth: to show that all the conditions of Qiyamah (foretold by the Holy Prophet S.) are truth and all of them must appear before coming of Qiyamah.
"And those signs are like appearance of Mahdi, then of Dajjal, then coming down of Jesus and appearance of Dabba and rising of sun from its setting place and the Qur'an being taken up1 and opening of the barrier of Gog and Magog.

Even if there was only one day remaining from (the age of) the world, all of these signs would appear surely.

At that time the appearance of Mahdi (a.j.) should be expected; and he is the off-spring of Imam Hasan Al-Askari; his birth '(peace be on him) was on the night of 15th Sha'ban in the year 255, and he is alive till he meets Jesus, son of Mary (a.s.). 'Thus his (Imam Mahdi's) age at this time (i.e., the year 958 Hijri) is 703 years".

And Sheikh Muhyiddin writes in Al-Futuhatul-Makkiyyah (Chapter 366):
"Know that Mahdi (a.j.) (Allah he pleased with him) must appear. But he will not appear till the world becomes full of tyranny and injustice, then he will fill it with justice and equality; and if there is no more than one day remaining from the (age of the) world. Allah will make that long enough to enable this Caliph to rule. And he (Imam Mahdi) is from the progeny of the Messenger of Allah (Blessings and peace from Allah be upon him) from the children of Fatimah (Allah be pleased with Her); his fore-father is Hussain, son of Ali bin Abi Talib.

His father is Hasan Al-Askari (son of Imam Ali Al-Naqi, son of Imam Muhammad Al-Taqi, son of Imam Ali Al Ridha, son of Imam Musa Al-Kadhim, son of Imam Ja'afar Al-Sadiq son of Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir, son of Imam Zainul Abedeen Ali, son of Imam Husain, son of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib; his name is the name of the Messenger of Allah (i.e. Muhammad); the Muslims will do his 'Bay'at' (will declare their allegiance to him) between Rukn (i.e Yamani) and Maqam (-e·Ibrahim) (i.e., in Ka'aba).

He will be like the Messenger of Allah (Blessing and peace from Allah be upon him) in appearance, and below him in character, because nobody can be like the Messenger of Allah (Blessings and peace from Allah be upon him) in character as Allah says: "Verily thou art on great character" He will distribute the wealth equally and will do justice to the public More people will abstain from sin because of his fear rather than because of the Qur'an.

(Because of his blessings) a man who would be ignorant, coward and miser in the evening would become learned, brave and generous in the morning. Help (from God) will walk in his front; he will follow the footsteps of the Messenger of Allah and he will commit no mistake; there will be an angel supporting him without his seeing him; he will raise up the weary, help the weak.

His action will be according to his words, and his words according to his deeds he will destroy the injustice and unjust and will raise the religion and will put the life back into Islam. Allah, through him, will strengthen the Islam after its dishonor and will make it alive after its death; he will revoke Jaziya (personal tax payable by non-Muslims in an Islamic state) and will call towards Allah with sword.

He will manifest the religion as it is in reality, so that if the Messenger of Allah (Blessing and peace from Allah be upon him) were alive would have confirmed it. Thus, in his time there will not remain hut the religion pure from (the people's) views.

"Jesus, son of Mary (a.s.), will come down to him in the White minaret in the eastern part of Damascus leaning upon two angels (one on his right side, the other on his left) when the people will be in the prayer of Asr (afternoon); Jesus a.s.; will break the cross and kill the swine Mahdi (a.j.) will die clean and pure and Mahdi (a.j.) appeared in the 4th period (i.e. after Tabaeen) then he went into seclusion till comes the known (or appointed time)".


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Usman Al Amri says:

"I asked Abu Muhammad Al Hasan bin Ali (as) when I was in his presence, regarding the saying of his forefathers (as) that,

'The earth shall never be devoid of Allah's proof upon His creatures till the day of quiyamat. And certainly one who dies without recognising the Imam of his time, dies the death of Ignorance".

He (as) said, "This is as true as the bright morning".

It was asked to him (as),

"O son of the Prophet (S), then who is the Hujjat and the Imam after you?".

He (as) said,

"My son, Muhammad. He is the Imam and the Hujjat after me. One who dies without recognising him, dies the death of Ignorance".1

According to Imam Jafar as Sadiq (as) the death of ignorance is the death in a deviated and astrayed condition.2

The importance of recognising the Imam of the time is also clear from the following tradition. When Zurarah asked Imam Jafar as Sadiq (as), "What should I do if I reach the time of his ghaibat ?".

Imam (as) replied, "Recite this Dua;

O Allah, make me recognise Your Self.

Certainly if You do not make me recognise Your Self, I will not recognise Your Messenger.

O Allah make me recognise Your Prophet.

Certainly if you do not make me recognise Your Prophet, I

will not recognise Your Hujjat.

O Allah ! make me recognise Your Hujjat.

Certainly if You do not make me recognise Your Hujjat I

will go astray in my religion."3

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Amirul Momineen Ali (as) said,

"The earth shall never be devoid of the Divine Proof, He may be apparent and prominent or he may be concealed and hidden. And it is because of him that the proofs and signs of Allah are not wasted."1

Imam Jafar as Sadiq (as) said:

"The (Divine) Proof was existing before creation (of other things), during creation and after creation".2

Imam Jafar as Sadiq (as) said:

"Because Allah is great and mighty, He has never made the earth devoid of a just Imam".3

Imam Jafar as Sadiq (as) said,

"Even if two people remain on the earth. One of them shall be a Hujjat upon the other. And if one of them dies, it will be the Hujjat that remains".4

Imam Ridha’ (as) said,

"Certainly, the earth shall never be devoid of one of us. Imams".5

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The Holy Prophet (S) said,

"Even if a single day remains for quiyamat, Allah will send a man from my Ahlul'Bayt. He will fill the earth with justice just like it is filled with tyranny."1

Dibil Ibne Ali al-Khuzai says:

When I was reciting the Qasida (Panegeric) before my master, Ridha’ (as), I reached to the following lines:

" I hope in the advent of my Imam. Who will rise up with the name of Allah and the divine blessings will accompany him.

He will separate the truth from falsehood (for us) and he will reward and punish."

Imam (as) said to me:

"O Khuzaee! Ruhul Qudus (the angel) has made you recite these two couplets. Do you know who this Imam is? One who will rise?"

I replied,

"No my master, I only know that one of you, Imams will rise up and clear the earth of all injustise and fill it will equity."

Imam Ridha’ (as) said,

"O Dibil after me my son Muhammad shall be the Imam and after him his son Ali, and after him his son Hasan al Askari, and after him his son Al-Qaim who shall be the awaited one during the period of his ghaibat. And when he shall be revealed, all the world shall bow down to him. Even if a single day remains for this world, Allah the High and the Mighty shall prolong this day till he will appear and fill the earth with justice as it has been filled with tyranny. And who knows when it will come to pass! I have heard it from my father, (who had heard it) from his father, and they had heard it from the Messenger of Allah (S) when he was asked, "O Prophet of Allah (S) when will the Qaem of your progeny arise?

He (S) had replied,

"His likeness is to the Hour (Quiyamat), '.....none but He shall manifest it at its time; it will be momentous in the heavens and the earth; it will not come on you but of a sudden'." (Sura Araf 7:187)2

Universal Government Of Imam Mahdi (aj)

Holy Prophet (S) said, "My Caliphs are my legatees and the proofs of Allah upon the creatures, after me they are twelve. The first of them is my brother and the last of them is my (grand) son"

He was asked, "O Prophet of Allah, which brother of yours" He replied, "Ali Ibn Abu Talib"

Again he was asked, "And which Son?"

He said, "Al Mahdi is the one who will fill the earth with justice and equity just like it had been filled with injustice and tyranny. I swear by the one who has sent me as the giver of good tidings, even is a single day remains for the world (to end), Allah shall prolong that day till he sends (to it) my son Mahdi. Then Ruhullah (spirit) Isa ibne Maryam will descend and perform prayers behind him. The earth shall be illuminated by his radiance and his authority shall stretch from the east to the west."3

Merits of the Rule of Imam Mahdi (aj)

Amirul Momineen Ali (as) said,

"He will direct desires towards (the path of) guidance while people will have turned guidance towards desires, and he will turn their views to the direction of the Quran while the people will have turned the Quran to their views."4

According to the submission of Ibne Abil Hadid, this saying refers to Hazrat Mahdi (aj)5

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (as) said,

"When the Qaem shall arise, he will rule with justice, the tyrants of his time shall fear him, the righteous will be safe, the earth shall reveal its treasures, all the truth- seekers will seek his company and no follower of any religion would remain except that they see Islam and declare their faith in it."6

Imam Ridha’ (as) said,

"The fourth of my descendants is the son of the chaste maid. Allah shall purify the earth from every atrocity through him and rid it of every injustice. He is the one whose birth shall be doubted. He will have an occupation before his reappearance. When he reappears, the earth will light up with his brilliance. And he will establish the scales of justice among the people. Then, (among men), one will not oppress the other."7

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In this chapter, Lady Hakimah, Imam Hadi’s illustrious sister, will be invited at the night of the birth of the last Imam. We shall see the very respectful, kind behavior of Lady Hakimah toward Nargis. In this section too, the birth of the baby boy and the night prayers of Imam Hasan, along with Lady Hakimah and Nargis herself, are narrated. The last section of this chapter is about Imam Mahdi who shall begin to talk with Lady Hakimah.

On The Night Of 14th Sha’ban

Days and nights passed and Nargis was the center of attention in the house of Imamate. No one was aware yet of the important role of Nargis as the future mother of the Last Savior of the World. The only persons who knew about this were Imam Hadi, Imam Hasan her husband and the father of the future baby, and his aunt Lady Hakimah.

After the sad days of the martyrdom of the tenth Imam Hadi, Imam Hasan received the important role of Imamate by the will of God Almighty while he was only twenty-two years old. His wife Nargis was already pregnant. By the will of God Almighty, all signs of her pregnancy were hidden from everyone including Lady Hakimah. She did not know about that and after nine months, there was still no sign of a baby in Nargis’s womb. Finally, on Thursday, Sha`ban 14th, 255 AH, Imam Hasan invited his aunt to his house.

In a letter, the Imam wrote, “My beloved aunt! I would like to invite you to come over here for breaking the fast with us. This very night too, our God Almighty will finally grant us our wishes! At that special night, the beloved baby that all of us have been waiting for his birth a long time ago will come into this world! God Almighty will thus complete His blessings to all human beings with the birth of my son. My aunt, tonight the Patron of the Age will be born and one day he will offer eternal life and perfect justice to the whole world after the death of the earth.”

Lady Hakimah went quickly and happily to Imam Hasan’s house and asked him excitedly, “My lord, are you sure that tonight is the special night you were longing for its arrival?”

With smile, Imam answered, “Of course I am sure, my aunt!”

Lady Hakimah was aware of the details of the life of Nargis and of the glad tidings of her life, but she asked Imam Hasan once more, “My lord, may my life be offered as ransom for you! But… who is the mother of this great child?”

Imam replied, “Of course! Nargis is the mother of my son!”

The Deep Affection of Lady Hakimah to Nargis

Lady Hakimah loved Nargis very much and Nargis also showed a lot of respect to her husband’s illustrious aunt; so, when lady Hakimah used to come to their house, Nargis herself used to take off the shoes of lady Hakimah and kiss her hands tenderly.

When Imam Hasan told his aunt about the night of the birth of the Savior of the world, Lady Hakimah went quickly to Imam’s house and entered Nargis’s room. The princess smiled sweetly upon seeing her and stood up respectfully like always and asked her, “My life be offered to you, my dear aunt! How are you?”

Lady Hakimah answered quickly, “Do not ever say that again, my sweet child! It is my life and the entire world that should be offered to you! I’m fine.”

Nargis said kindly, “Dear aunt, let me take off your shoes.” But Lady Hakimah did not let her touch her shoes; rather, she herself bent down and kissed Nargis’s feet and said, “My beloved child! You are my lady from now on! I promise our God that I will not let you touch my shoes ever again! I am at your disposal forever! Please, tell me what I should do for you?”


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Hazrat Imam Mahdi (aj) is the twelfth and last of the chain of the Purified Imams (as) and the divine successors. He was born at the time of dawn, on Friday the 15th of Shaban 255 A.H. in the city of Samarrah1.

His respected father is Imam Hasan al-Askari (as). His beloved mother is Janab al-Nargis Khatoon (ra). She was the descendant of the Caesar of Rome from her father's side and from her mother's side she had descended from shamoon the vicegerant of Hazrat Isa (as).2

This exalted personality has the same name and kunniyat (agnomen) as the Holy Prophet (S). His titles are Mahdi, Hujjat, Qaem, Montazer, Sahibuzzaman and Khalaf al-saleh. His most famous honourific however is Al-Mahdi (aj).3

Ibn Khallikaan writes; "His well-known title is Hujjat. The shias know him by the titles, Montazar, Qaem and Mahdi"4

The great scholar Mohaddith al-Noori has collected 182 titles of Imam Mahdi (aj) from the Islamic texts. Each of these titles signify each of his virtuous qualities.5

The tyrant Abbasid rulers were aware of the prophecies of the Holy Prophet (S). That the son of Imam Hasan al-Askari (as) by the name of Mahdi will appear to remove all kinds of corruption and tyranny; hence they planned to eliminate the child when he is bom. Due to this the birth of Imam Mahdi (aj) was kept a secret like that of Hazrat Ibrahim (as). So much so that except for the most trusted of the shias and his own family, no one knew of the existence of Hazrat (as). In spite of this whenever there was an opportunity, Imam Hasan al-Askari (as) showed his son to his trustworthy followers; that in future they may follow him. This was in order that the shias may remain firm upon the right path, and not be led astray. A servant Abu Ghanim says:

"Abu Muhammad (as) has a son whose name is Muhammad." On the third day of his birth he brought him before his companions and said:

"After me he is your Master of the affair, he is my successor, he is the same 'Qaem', who is awaited by alt When the earth will be fraught with injustice and oppression then he will reappear and fill the earth with justice and righteousness."6

The early years of his life were spent in the usual way. When he was in his fifth year, he lost his respected father.7

After this tragic event the responsibility of guiding the shias was transferred upon him. At this time, Hazrat (as) possessed all the qualities and the divine knowledge that was bestowed upon the previous Imams (as), by the Almighty. In the same way as Hazrat Yahya (as) in his childhood and Hazrat Isa (as) in his infancy was favoured with the divine office of Prophethood by Allah.8

Although all the Imams (as) were holding the divine office of wilayat, the efforts of the enemies to eliminate the twelfth Imam (as) were maximum. Hence Imam az-Zaman (as) was entrusted to ghaibat and being away from the sight of people, he had to fulfill all the duties of an Imam.

It is said that the concealed life of Hazrat Mahdi (aj) is not something extraordinary. Rather, in the life of so many Prophets (as) and even Imams (as) it is seen, that they were at some time, in concealment from the people. The Holy Quran records the concealment of various prophets (as) like Hazrat Ibrahim (as)9, Hazrat Musa (as)10 and Hazrat Isa (as)11.


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Imam Mahdi (aj) said,

"As for deriving benefit from me in my occupation, (it) is like deriving benefit from the sun when it hides behind the clouds."1

Favours Of Imam Mahdi (aj) Upon His Shias

Imam Mahdi (aj) says,

"Surely, we do not neglect your condition nor are we forgetful of your remembrance. Had it not been so, then, terrible calamities would have struck you and your enemies would have destroyed you."2

Awaiting For The Reappearance Of Imam Mahdi (aj)

The Holy Prophet (S) said,

"The best worship is to await for the reappearance."3

Amirul Momineen Ali (as) said,

"Await for the reappearance and do not despair of the divine mercy. Because the best deed in the eyes of Allah, the Great and the Mighty is to wait for the Reappearance. It is the duty of those who are believers."4

Imam as-Sajjad (as) said.

"The greatest success is to wait for the reappearance"5

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (as) said,

"Those of you who die on this affair (shia faith) while you are in a condition of awaiting, are like those who has served the Qaem (as) in his tent."6

Imam Al-Jawad (as) said,

"Certainly the Qaem from among us is the Mahdi. Awaiting for whom is obligatory during (his) ghaibat and obeying him is obligatory after his reappearance. And he is the third of my descendants."7

Imam as Sadiq (as) said,

"One who desires to be among the companions of the Qaem, must await, adopt piety and behave courteously. If he dies in such a condition before the advent of Qaem, then his reward will be similar to the one who attains his era. Hence, congratulations to you all for your relentless awaiting."8

Be Prepared For Being Among The Helpers Of Imam Mahdi

"O You who believe! be patient and excel in patience and remain steadfast and be careful of (your duty to ) Allah, that you may be successful". (Surah Ali Imran, 3: 200)

Hazrat Imam Baqir (as) explains the tafseer of this ayat :

"Have patience in fulfilling the religious obligations, Excel in patience in facing your enemies. And be in contact with your Imam who is awaited".9

In Service Of Imam Mahdi (aj)

Imam Jafar as Sadiq (as) said,

"If I am able to reach him, I shall serve him for my whole life."10

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The Holy Prophet (S) said:

"O Ali know that the most strangest of the people of Imaan and the greatest of them in certainty are those people who will be in Aakheruzzamaan (the last period of time). They will not meet the Prophet. And their Imam will be hidden from them. But they will believe (only) due to black upon white."1

The "black upon white" means the writings on paper. It means that these people will believe in the Quran and the sunnat as recorded in the books, even though they may not see their Imam (as).

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (as) said:

"Certainty, the master of this affair has an occupation. Then those who are the pious servants of Allah, will hold firmly to their faith".2

Imam Musa al-Kazim (as) said:

"Blessed are our followers (the shiites) who during the time of occupation (Ghaybah) of the Imam of the Age, identify themselves with our Authority (wilayah) and keep away from our enemies. They belong to us and we belong to them. They have accepted our leadership and we are pleased with their adherence. Therefore, blessed are they. I swear to Allah that they will be with us in our rank in Paradise".3

It is related from Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (as) that the following dua must be recited during the time of ghaibat.

"O Allah ! O Beneficient ! O Merciful ! O the knower of the thoughts (of the hearts) ! make my heart firm upon your religion."4

Longing For Imam Mahdi (aj)

Hazrat Imam Hasan al-Askari (as) said, regarding his son Imam Mahdi (aj):

"And know that! Those who are obedient and pious will rush towards him like the birds head for their nests."5

Sorrow And Grief Of Imam Mahdi (aj)

Imam Ridha’ (as) said:

"The most pious of believing men and women are those who are sorrowful for the (time of) flowing water (Imam Mahdi- aj)"

Flowing water indicates that it is a part of the ayat:

"Say! Have you considered if your water should go down, who is if then that will bring you flowing water?" (Sura Al Mulk, 67:30)

According to Imam as-Sadiq (as) "the flowing water" in this Ayat means Hazrat Mahdi (aj). Hence the exegesis of this Ayat is as follows:

"Say, if your Imam (as) goes into ghaibat, who is it that will bring back your Imam to you. Who, like a gushing spring will teach you what is haraam and what is halal, and quench you thirst with good tidings (news) of the sky and the earth."6


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